JT Moore Triangle Events

TIMA Tales: A Q&A with JT Moore of ASPE ROI

JT Moore, vice president of marketing for ASPE Training, a division of Fortis College, speaks frankly about the marketing industry and bucks some conventional thoughts about the future of social media. In today’s landscape, in which people early in their career tend to job hop, Moore, 30, is somewhat unusual. In October, he’ll mark eight…

Alex Panait on Twitter

A TIMA Q&A With Alex Panait

Alex Panait, CEO of the Raleigh film production house Roguemark, grew up in Romania shooting family trips on his dad’s camcorder. As a kid, he was even “hired” once to shoot a wedding and things changed from there.

Karl Sakas Triangle Interactive Marketing Asosciation

TIMA Tales: A Q&A with Karl Sakas

When Karl Sakas was naming his company, he turned to his lifelong enthusiasm for trains for inspiration. A firebox is the area that contains the fuel for the train — where the fuel is converted to energy to power the train.

Richard Arvette

TIMA Tales: A TIMA Q&A with Richard Averitte

In the second of a periodic series of profiles of Triangle marketers, TIMA content officer Kelly Johnson interviews Richard Arvette Owner of Good Vibrations Consulting, a company that helps businesses and startups achieve their marketing goals through public relations, social media content and event planning.