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Tips for Tackling Twitter

While I am glad to live in a world where I am able to creep on long lost high school classmates and easily connect in conversation with somebody who shares a similar #interest, I am the first to admit that social media can be a lot to handle. So today I am going to spit out a few simple tips for handling the world of Twitter.

Raleigh Linkedin Tips

LinkedIn the Social Network for Your Personal Brand

Although LinkedIn is far from the newest social media site, it is one of the fastest growing in recent years, boasting 259 million members. William Arruda recently wote “Why Every Employee At Your Company Should Use LinkedIn” for Forbes.com. In it, he points out that encouraging employees to use LinkedIn improves your company page following and your ranking in search results.


The Internet Summit is Quickly Approaching

Join Us at the 6th Annual Internet Summit in Downtown Raleigh, NC Next month, downtown Raleigh, NC will host the 6th annual Internet Summit. November 12-14, 2013 at the Raleigh Convention Center, TechMedia – who happen to have the cutest Office Manager and Creative Guru ever – will host the Southeast’s largest digital gathering. Over…