Creativity is a Habit

Creativity is something so invaluable that you will use it no matter what your job is. After all, it is creativity that solves problems; makes us more efficient; puts us in business in the first place. That being said, I have found that although creativity can “come naturally,” it is often in spurts and certainly not when you need it most.

So, how do we seek out creativity? One of my favorite quotes that I stumbled upon somewhere along the way (perhaps on a totally irrelevant Pinterest binge) claimed that creativity is a habit. A few years, lots of projects and countless problems later, I have found that statement to be both helpful and true.

As marketers, we must devote some of our day to being creative – even if we don’t feel like it. Similar to making it to the gym, cooking dinner or responding to emails, it becomes necessary to find out what inspires our own creativity and make it a daily habit. For me personally, these are some habits that spark my inventiveness:

  • Switching tasks. ­ When I have a project that requires a high level of creative devotion, I find it helpful to be able to switch between that project and others. Staring at a blinking cursor is a lot more intimidating than changing directions and coming back to your creative block after a (productive) break.
  • Music ­ I know I’m not breaking any new ground here, but music really moves me to be creative. There is something to be said for soundproof headphones and a good Spotify playlist.
  • Other people. Although I have to be careful not to disappear into the black hole that is “the Internet,” I have found an immense amount of creativity in seeing the creativity of others. Whether it’s watching a viral YouTube video, reading about an impressive marketing campaign or just browsing some news sources, seeing what other people in the field are doing always inspires me to quit procrastinating and start doing.
  • Stop working.Call me crazy, but often times nothing inspires creativity like a good clean work break. For me, some of my best ideas come when I am allowing myself to be “unplugged.”

No matter what, it’s crucial to be able to recognize what works for your creative mind and what doesn’t. Please share any tips, tricks or habits you have formed in the comments section!

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