Digging Out of the Internet Summit 2013

Drowning in paperAs you all know, last week was the Internet Summit.  As far as conferences go we had a blast and if you are waiting on our #TIMAtips ebook password hang tight.  If you did not stop by the booth and would like a copy please dm @TIMA_NC and we will get it over to you.

Our team is still pretty much digging ourselves out from the backlog that attending the conference created so we figured we would post some of our local movers and shakers reviews instead of reinventing the wheel.

K. Melissa Kennedy, marketing consultant extraordinaire and our current Vice President, wrote a great article on her site : Internet Summit 2013 Recap, Innovation Edict and an eBook that dives into the  into our e-book initiative.

Ann Johnston, startup writer and the founder and CEO of Local-Ventures, wrote a great summary for the !ExitEvent site: Startup: Summit Kicks Off Internet Summit 2013.  Three Panels and 20 Startup Pitches Fill Day One of Startup Summit.

Mark F Simmons, digital marketing consultant and last minute speaker, wrote on his site: Internet Summit 2013: What it Meant to Me.  He does a really good job giving his play by play.  

A big thanks to everyone that helped us at our booth and to all who contributed to our e-book.  If you did not get to attend this year hopefully these articles will give you an insight to what it was all about.

If you did get a chance to attend what was your favorite part?

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