Event Recap: Digital Marketing for Sports Teams

Thanks to the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association members and guests who joined us for Digital Marketing for Sports Teams on Wednesday, Sep. 17 at the Hyatt Place Raleigh West for a panel conversation with Ryan Craig, Hassan Pinto, Kyle Serba, and Doug Warf.

Our event attendees say it best with their feedback on the event:
To me the most interesting thing said was, “In the coming years the brand element is going to play a bigger role in recruiting. For example if someone has a massive following on Twitter but is only an okay player, Duke might put some thoughts into recruiting that player.” — Cole Watts, TheeDesign
I felt the lunch was very informative, engaging and ernest. I learned a lot about what the sports marketing ​industry does well and was surprised how honest the panelists were about how they could improve. People were listening to our tweets. Here is a retweet from SFIMA President Peter Leshaw. — Heather Kilcrease, Independent Marketing Strategist

Doug and Kyle made great points about creating compelling offline activities during the offseason and using them to maintain engagement. – Frank Pollock, The Pioneer Group

Some of the best commentary shared on Twitter and Instagram during the program is featured below.

We hope to see you at our next TIMA events. Click here to see the lineup of upcoming events.

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