Event Recap: #TIMAMixology at Lonerider Brewery

Last week TIMA took the Marketing & Mixology networking function to Lonerider Brewery, a Raleigh Brewery just off Westgate Road and not too far from the Angus Barn.

Derek Tenbusch shared some of his secrets to marketing success including how to nuture an audience on Twitter and Facebook, and how experimenting with new social media platforms can be advantageous from a first mover advantage standpoint. Derek describes himself as a “marketing geek” who’s hobbys include listening to Gary Vaynerchuck’s Q&A YouTube videos every morning.

The brewery itself continues to experience strong growth after five years of expansion, distributes in five states now, and struggles to keep up with demand for patio space for regular visitors.

Big Thank You to Derek Tenbusch and Lonerider brewery for inviting the TIMA members out for a fun evening of networking and beer sipping!

Lonerider can be found at loneriderbeer.com and Derek can be tweeted to at @LoneriderDerek.

(Image via Carolina Beer Temple)

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