LinkedIn the Social Network for Your Personal Brand

Although LinkedIn is far from the newest social media site, it is one of the fastest growing in recent years, boasting 259 million members. William Arruda recently wote “Why Every Employee At Your Company Should Use LinkedIn” for In it, he points out that encouraging employees to use LinkedIn improves your company page following and your ranking in search results.

So how can you build a stellar LinkedIn profile? Be consistent and focused. Rather than showcasing how many things you can do, focus on the main things you do and showcase that you do them well. In addition, keep all your language consistent and concise. This goes for your other social media profiles as well. Use the same language in all of your bios and descriptions and make sure the focus always goes back to the core skills you are showcasing.

LinkedIn itself is a focused professional network so follow their lead and keep your profile focused as well. Once you’ve made that focused profile, remember the focused image too. Use a profile image that matches those from other social media sites and one that is professional. Remember, it is one of the first things people see when they come to your profile or see you comment on something. Joining groups and, of course, connecting with colleagues, other industry professionals, and friends will help build your reach as well.

In addition, use LinkedIn to build your brand as Arruda recommends. Encourage employees to create profiles and connect with one another and your company. If you’re strictly a freelancer or don’t have employees, keeping a focused profile of your own is that much important since your page is your brand.  Keep it updated with new projects and awards as well as keeping active with likes and shares within your industry.

How long have you been using LinkedIn? Let us know your recommendations for getting the most out this unique network.


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