Presenting MaxPoint, a Company You Should Know About

Who is MaxPoint
Looking for a job in the Triangle? Look no further than MaxPoint. With over 50 job openings here in the Triangle MaxPoint is looking to expand their local reach.
Don’t know anything about MaxPoint? Here’s 5 facts to bring you up to speed.
  1. Offers Digital Zip® technology to target digital ads to hyperlocal targets and truly boost foot traffic to real-live-no-jive physical retail stores and locations.
  2. Uncovers priceless online behavioral nuggets of local buying behavior  to help tweak messaging such as revealing the fact that a 2014 Winter Olympic fan actually frequently views content on allergy relief, heart health, weddings and yoga than non-Olympic fans.  Find out how to tailor your message with more insights.
  3. Named  9th fastest growing company in the US according to Deloitte.
  4. Lists more than 50 jobs currently open in the Triangle.

Hear MaxPoint’s marketing story from their VP of Marketing, Lynn Vitello, at our first installment of the 2014 Executive Insights series, “Multitasking that Matters,” on April 9. Tickets are going fast. Register now!

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