The Daily Juggle: Keeping Up With Marketing News

Staying up-to-date with the marketing world is (let’s be honest) a daunting task.There are no shortage of news sources, Twitter handles and people it seems we should be keeping up with. However, if you’re anything like me, you can only allot a few minutes each morning to do a quick scan of your RSS feed. After that, it’s a game of periodically catching up with Twitter, clicking on only the most enticing of links.

It’s a balancing act! “Staying up-to-date” vs. getting lost in the anti-productivity vortex that is the worldwide web…how do we win?

While I don’t have an answer to that question, I do have a few news sources I can recommend as worth your while:

1. Fast Co Create (, @FastCoCreate) While all of Fast Company’s pages produce interesting and relevant content, this one is my favorite. Fast Co Create features articles on anything from how brands have changed over time to new ads to the latest in product creation.
Bonus: Most articles are a quick read!

2. 99u (, @99u) As a news source, 99u lives up to their tagline: “Insights on making ideas happen.” This is a great place to find motivation and tips for your latest marketing venture.

3. Mashable (, @mashable) Mashable has a visually enticing interface that showcases a unique combination of technology, business, social media and entertainment news. No matter what time of the day I hop on, I can almost always find a helpful read.
Bonus: Mashable has world news thrown into their mix as well, so you can easily kill a few birds with one stone.

4. The HubSpot Blog (, @HubSpot) HubSpot’s Inbound Blog features helpful and specific articles to aid in improving your marketing efforts. Topics range from “how-to” articles to
marketing myths and other industry advice.

5. LinkedIn (, @LinkedIn) I find some of the most effective news and advice through my own LinkedIn network. This is a great place to find links to lesser-known news sources, read up on your network’s personal blogs, and follow the guidance that comes from companies that inspire you.

Obviously, there are way more than five worthwhile news sources in the world of marketing. Other honorable mentions from my Twitter feed include Creativity Online, Creative Bloq, CMO by Adobe and TechCrunch. What is your favorite place to look for inspiration, advice or industry news?

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