TIMA Speakers Bureau: Call for Speakers/Authors

Speakers Bureau 2For 2014, the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association has set education as one of our primary missions. In an effort to raise awareness of TIMA, our membership, and our expertise in interactive marketing (and with that goal of education in mind!), we are launching a Speakers Bureau. Our goal is to promote TIMA outside of our membership and marketing circles, integrate with the Triangle business community, and create client-generating opportunities to benefit TIMA members.

Howard_SqOur team leader for the Speakers Bureau is Ekaterina Howard  of Pinwheel Translations. She has created a speaker application and will manage both speaker submissions and requests for speakers from the community.

We will offer two levels of content.

Level 1 would be a series of 101 seminars on:
• Overview of Social Media
• LinkedIn for Professionals
• Facebook for Small Business
• Twitter Best Practices

Level 2 is content that reflects a higher level of expertise and content knowledge (Have other content ideas? Let us know!):
• Reputation Management
• Intellectual Property & Copyright
• Social Media Law

You can participate in the Speakers Bureau in three ways*:

1) Generate Content: Level 1 content does not need to be created multiple times (How many “Twitter 101” presentations do we need?). The content author will create a 35-minute slide presentation using the TIMA template. As an author you will receive author credit* on the first slide and the second to last slide. The presentations will become the property of TIMA and can be used by other presenters for future presentations on the topic.

2) Speaker on Level 1 Topics: No sense re-creating the wheel! Speakers can use an existing TIMA presentation and may update some slides to reflect current content. The first slide has the presenter name (in addition to the author) and the last slide is a presenter profile slide.

3) Level 2 Content and Presentation: Since the Level 2 content reflects subject matter expertise, you may use your own slide deck and content with TIMA’s logo and a few promotional slides. Since Level 2 speakers have unique knowledge, these slides would not be given to other presenters, but TIMA would reserve the right to have a copy and potentially post on a TIMA social media platform.

Once content and speakers are identified and created, TIMA will announce the program and begin scheduling presentations. Are you interested? Speaker submissions are here  or, if you have questions, please contact Ekaterina Howard at ekaterinahoward@gmail.com.

* All authors and speakers must be members in good standing of TIMA. If membership lapses, the author acknowledgement will be removed from the slide deck. PowerPoint is the preferred slide format.

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