TIMA Tales: A TIMA Q&A with Richard Horvath

In the fourth issue of a periodic series of profiles of Triangle marketers, TIMA Director of Communications Cole Watts interviews Richard Horvath Owner of TheeDesign Studio, a custom web design and internet marketing agency here in the Triangle.

Richard Horvath and TIMaMarketers from far and wide are now calling the Triangle home, but none probably have traveled as far as TheeDesign’s Richard Horvath.

Originally hailing from Hungary, Richard now resides in Raleigh, NC where he is the Owner and President of the award winning TheeDesign Studio. With TheeDesign Studio’s 10-year anniversary slowly approaching, we sat down with Richard to talk about marketing and where he thinks this field is going.

What attracted you to marketing?

I like to help people succeed and grow. I believe the right marketing activities are great investments to every organization for their financial future.

How would you characterize the Triangle as a place to work as a marketer?

There are a lot of great companies andtalent to work with.

How is the increasing focus on digital and more specifically, mobile, changing your approach?

We are an online marketing agency, so we don’t really provide traditional marketing services to our clients anyway. We have been

talking about mobile for years and it has definitely arrived. Most of our websites for clients these days are responsive, so they work on smartphone and tablet devices as well.

Favorite social media platform?

I like LinkedIn for business the most.

How should a company’s communication plan incorporate social media marketing?

There are a few companies who still don’t utilize social media. Every company should have a social media policy in place for a consistent marketing message. This should publicly address how to handle all concerns and compliments.

What’s the most important advice you would give to a Triangle-area student?

Understand how a business operates and how to measure ROI on most marketing efforts. We need to be able to calculate the expected profit in order to be able to decide if a marketing investment makes sense or not.

What is the biggest mistake you see marketers make?

They still don’t measure ROI and are still putting money into ads that don’t work. Now, we can measure everything with Google analytics.

What are the biggest challenges facing marketers today?

There are so many advertising channels today, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Google is also changing more often than the average marketer would want. Back in the days, it was ok to know and understand TV, radio, giant banners, and direct mail. Now, you have to know a lot about a lot of channels to be able to invest your customers’ money in the right channels and get the ROI that you want.

How will marketing evolve over the next five to 10 years?

I believe it will be a lot more personalized. Marketers will learn how to promote services to targeted audiences. We will see TV and radio ads that are targeted to us. We will receive coupons by passing by our favorite stores in a mall.

Richard Horvath is the Owner of TheeDesign Studio an internet marketing and custom web design agency. For more information about him visit TheeDesign.com as well as follow him on Twitter at @RichardDHorvath.

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