#TIMALove Winner – Emma Dean

Emma Dean | Internet Marketing WinnerWe’re excited to announce that our first #TIMALove Winner is Emma Dean.

A Creative Marketing Agent for roguemark, a creative services boutique in Raleigh, NC, Emma is a first year member of TIMA..

She is excited to be the first winner of the #TIMALove contest and is excited to be an active member of TIMA heading into 2014.

“I’m super lucky and excited to win,”” Emma Dean said. “This is my first year as a member of TIMA and I am super excited of what I’ve learned about the organization so far.”

How you can win a t-shirt like Emma Dean?

#TIMALoves is a month long event that specializes in helping the Triangle find the hard earned questions that they deserve. To find out more information about #TIMALove visit the blog post #TIMALove Event.

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