Volunteer of the Month: Kelly Johnson

If you’ve been keeping up with TIMATales, you are already familiar with Kelly Johnson’s stellar reporting skills. She started writing as a kid, and she always knew she wanted to be a reporter. After graduating from the journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill, she headed to California to start her career. After eight years in community journalism, she spent the next 16 ½ years reporting business news for the Sacramento Business Journal.

But recently, burned out from the long hours of reporting, Kelly felt it was time to shake things up and try to find a better balance in her life. She felt she needed a change of scenery and lifestyle, so she took a six-month sabbatical and drove across the country back to her roots in North Carolina. Kelly recently found a contract writing position with her alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill. New to town and wanting to make friends with others in the digital community, Kelly chose TIMA for her first networking event. “TIMA is a very comfortable way to build your network. It’s put me in touch with lots of people and made some great introductions. TIMA has helped make this a comfortable transition for me.”

Her love for writing led to her love of reporting, which then led her to business. “Business is fascinating. I have so much respect for entrepreneurs – the brave souls who start their own business. That they can come up with an idea and big things can happen, or they can fail but they put their idea into motion. I’m so inspired by them, and I love telling their stories and sharing them with others. ”

No Kelly, it’s you who inspires us! Thanks for being a TIMA volunteer!

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