Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Winslow

Emily WinslowEven though she is one of our newest volunteers, Emily’s contributions have quickly made her an indispensable part of the TIMA volunteer team. At a recent board meeting she was linked to three different projects at least – and she wasn’t even in the room!  Emily wanted to become more involved in the marketing and the creative community in Raleigh, and she jumped in headfirst when she learned TIMA needed volunteers. For her, it was the chance to branch out and learn something new by doing something different.  For us, it meant getting a really talented and creative teammate who cranks out stellar work.

Emily is first and foremost an artist – check out her work here:  www.targetshapecreate.com.  She started as soon as she could hold a paint brush at a young age, and she loves creating ceramics too. She has a BFA in Computer Art from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Her passion for art and culture led her to Chicago after school, but opportunity, family, and a warmer climate brought her to North Carolina.  Now she is the Senior Web Designer for the eCommerce team at Lenovo.  Emily also has a passion for mentoring and teaching, and is helping other TIMA volunteers with their graphics skills.

When not working or creating art, Emily loves to garden and spend time with her husband, Richard, and Labrador, Hank.

I asked her about what she thought was the most important trend in marketing. She said, “Figuring out how to best use data to target your customers and get them to receive your message through segmentation and personalized experiences. Always test and optimize your marketing so it can work hard for you. That, and integrating all forms of media to reach your market and reel them in.”

Absolutely, Emily.  We are so glad we were able to reel in YOU.

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