Small Business Saturday: And The Survey Says…!

As I mentioned in my last column, search engine rankings are not the best measure of success for a website — utility companies and landlords remain reluctant to accept SEO ranking reports in lieu of cash. A better measure of success, of course, is conversions (sales, leads, subscriptions, whatever it is you most want your website visitors to do).

Karl Sakas Triangle Interactive Marketing Asosciation

TIMA Tales: A Q&A with Karl Sakas

When Karl Sakas was naming his company, he turned to his lifelong enthusiasm for trains for inspiration. A firebox is the area that contains the fuel for the train — where the fuel is converted to energy to power the train.

Richard Arvette

TIMA Tales: A TIMA Q&A with Richard Averitte

In the second of a periodic series of profiles of Triangle marketers, TIMA content officer Kelly Johnson interviews Richard Arvette Owner of Good Vibrations Consulting, a company that helps businesses and startups achieve their marketing goals through public relations, social media content and event planning.


Marketing App Spotlight

As marketers in an age where new marketing apps are being introduced by the minute, it’s hard to know what apps truly deserve our attention (or better yet, our $0.99). With that in mind, I wanted to use this week’s blog post to put a spotlight on a few applications that just might be worth your while.