Making Sense of Social Madness

Got out of social media at Myspace? Gave up on Facebook when your Mom got on? You’re not alone. March madness isn’t the only thing happening right now; social media (SM) has gone mad as well. As SM patterns change, the important things to understand are the landscape and perspective of each platform.

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Creativity is a Habit

Creativity is something so invaluable that you will use it no matter what your job is. After all, it is creativity that solves problems; makes us more efficient; puts us in business in the first place. That being said, I have found that although creativity can “come naturally,” it is often in spurts and certainly not when you need it most.

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LinkedIn the Social Network for Your Personal Brand

Although LinkedIn is far from the newest social media site, it is one of the fastest growing in recent years, boasting 259 million members. William Arruda recently wote “Why Every Employee At Your Company Should Use LinkedIn” for In it, he points out that encouraging employees to use LinkedIn improves your company page following and your ranking in search results.

Raleigh Content Marketing Ideas

Tips for Creating Custom Content

With 78% of CMOs recently reporting that “custom content is the future of marketing,” creating content, and having consistently quality content, is more important than ever. Many may have thought that the internet would be the death of the written word, but it has turned out to be quite the contrary.